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We believe in creating a relationship with our patients that goes beyond the office doors. We've specially created this section of our site to share with you important news that goes on in our office and in our lives!

Dr. Jimmy Pinner
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Greater Houston Dental Convention

We attended The Houston Dental Convention at the George R. Brown in February! We learned alot of new things in this fast-paced world of modern Dentistry! We cant wait to implement these new things into our office!

Happy 15th Dental Assistant Anniversary Fran!

Happy Anniversary Fran! Thank you for your loyalty and dedication to our office and our patients! We love you!

Santa Claus Meets the Tooth Fairy!
Karen Vanek has been our patient for many years. She still comes to us all the way from Fredricksburg! Karen and her daughter have written a new book, Santa Claus Meets the Tooth Fairy. Karen  is a retired educator and grandmother of three. She lives in Fredericksburg, Texas with her husba...
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Happy Birthday Susan and Olga!
Happy Birthday
Summer is Over!
Wow where did the summer go?! It whizzed by and now the holidays are upon us! We all got to take a little time off and see family and friends. Carol and I got to take a motorcycle trip up to Myrtle Beach to see family. It was a beautiful part of the country, some we had not seen before.

Olga has had foot surgery and is hobbling around in a boot! Today is her first day back and we are so glad she is back! She is doing well and hopefully the surgery is successful!

Now, for our favorite time of year! FOOTBALL! GO TEXANS! GIG EM AGGIES!
Maria (Mutzi) Pinner
 Thank you to all of our patients who have sent their condolences for the loss of my Mother at the beginning of the summer. We all miss her as she loved to drop in and visit with all of us and considered Fran, Olga, and Susan family. We appreciate everyones care and concern. It has meant alot.
Happy Birthday Fran!
Happy Birthday Fran!
Houston Dental Convention
We got to attend the Houston Dental Convention last week at the George R. Brown Convention Center. We all got to attend different seminars and learned lots of new information on anything dental! It was great to see old friends and colleagues.  We also got to take a tour of the new University of Texas-Houston Dental School that will open soon. It was spectacular! It is state of the art and cost over 5 million dollars to build!
Heart Healthy
Did you know...? The health of your body starts with your mouth. Research has shown links between your oral health and heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Our practice cares about your total health. Call us today to schedule a complete dental exam.