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Migraines, Teeth Grinding, Teeth keep cracking?

Many people grind their teeth while they sleep and dont even know it! Teeth grinding can cause several problems including headaches, migraine headaches, muscle pain, TMJ pain, and severe tooth wear.

For many people, migraines are something you just learn to live with. An FDA approved device called the NTI-tss can help you feel much better. Studies have shown that 82% of NTI users had a 77% reduction in migraine events.The NTI is made to snap in to your mouth. It is a small acrylic guard that is custom made here in the office in one visit in about an hour. It is easy to make and adjust so that it is comfortable and stable.

Even if you don't have headache, jaw, or muscle pain, you still may put excessive trauma and stress on your teeth by grinding and/or clenching at night and not even be aware of it.

Talk to Dr. Pinner about the NTI,  to see if this is something that may benefit you!