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Enhancing Early Detection with Vizilite Plus

At Jimmy F. Pinner, DDS Houston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer the Vizilite Plus exam—a swift, painless procedure that enhances the detection of oral cancer abnormalities. This advanced screening, performed annually by Dr. Pinner or Olga, RDH, is provided at no cost to promote oral cancer awareness and prevention.

Painless Oral Cancer Screening in Minutes in Jersey Village, TX

In the fight against oral cancer, early detection is crucial. Our Vizilite Plus exam utilizes a specialized light source to reveal abnormalities not visible under standard lighting. This quick, non-invasive test is your first line of defense in oral cancer prevention, ensuring any hidden dangers are caught early. By identifying potential issues before they develop with our oral cancer screening in Jersey Village, TX, we provide a significant advantage in your oral health journey.

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Why Screen for Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer screening is not just about detection; it’s about prevention. Regular screenings can dramatically increase survival rates by catching signs of mouth and dental cancer early. By providing free annual screenings, we commit to your long-term health and peace of mind. Understand the risks and get screened—it could save your life. Regular screenings are a crucial part of maintaining overall health and can act as a preventative measure against potential future complications.

Committed to Community Health

Serving Jersey Village, TX, and surrounding areas, our practice is dedicated to raising oral cancer awareness. We believe in making life-saving health measures accessible, which is why we offer the Vizilite Plus exam free of charge. Your health is our priority, and through proactive screening, we can protect it together. Join us in our mission to enhance community well-being through comprehensive, preventative dental care. Let us help you maintain optimal health with our thorough and attentive services.

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