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Reclaim Your Confident Smile with a Dental Bridge

We provide dental bridges and bonding solutions to fill gaps created by missing teeth, resulting in a seamless and beautiful smile. Discover how our dental cosmetic improvements can enhance your life.

Jersey Village, TX Dental Bridge Services for a Complete Smile

If you’re struggling with gaps in your teeth, our dental bridge services in Jersey Village, TX can help. A dental bridge is a false tooth that fills the gap, using the surrounding teeth as anchors. This not only improves your appearance but also prevents dental health issues, such as shifting teeth and bite changes. Our expert team will work with you to ensure a perfect fit and a stunning smile.

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Traditional Fixed Bridge and Dental Implants Options

We offer two effective solutions for dental cosmetic improvements:

  • Traditional fixed bridge: The most common dental bridge, using porcelain crowns on surrounding teeth to anchor the false tooth in place.
  • Dental Implants: A tooth-colored resin is bonded to the tooth and cured with ultraviolet light, ideal for small cosmetic touch-ups.

Choose the best option for your unique needs and smile confidently again.

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Our Two-Visit Dental Bridge and Implant Process

 In Jersey Village, TX, our dental bridge and bonding procedures typically require two visits:

  • Preparaton and impression: We prepare the surrounding teeth and take an impression to send to the lab for bridge and crown creation. A temporary bridge is fitted for protection.
  • Final fitting and adjustment: The temporary bridge is removed, and the new bridge is fitted and adjusted for a perfect fit.

Experience a comfortable and efficient process to restore your smile.

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